Kuvings Wins 2024 Korea First Brand Awards

Kuvings Wins 2024 Korea First Brand Awards

Kuvings has been awarded first place in the Vietnam Juicer category at the 2024 Korea First Brand Awards.

Hosted by the Korea Consumer Forum, the 2024 Korea First Brand Awards annually identifies brands expected to set the pace in 2024, employing an extensive consumer survey, complemented by expert evaluation and deliberation. The consumer survey for the current year spanned three countries: Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Securing the top position in the Juicer category, with votes from local consumers in Vietnam, Kuvings has been honored as the leading juicer brand, earning the grand prize.

“Acknowledging that the award resulted from a comprehensive consumer survey, we express our gratitude to our customers for their ongoing trust in our brand,” stated a representative from Kuvings. “Kuvings is committed to participating in both Korean and international exhibitions to boost brand awareness and extend our global market share in juicers,” he added.

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