NBC Select Best masticating juicer 2023 : Kuvings

NBC Select Best masticating juicer 2023 : Kuvings

The USA media NBC Select picked the best juicers of 2023.
The Best masticating juicer, according to experts: Kuvings

Juice can pack vitamins and micronutrients into your diet, though experts say they are best used as a meal supplement not a meal replacement.

Slow juicers or masticating juicers: These models “chew” the produce at a slower speed and force the juice through a fine stainless steel strainer. They’re similar to centrifugal juicers in that they juice a variety of fruits and vegetables. Despite the name, these typically produce juice at the same speed as a centrifugal juicer but are much quieter (and pricier). They also produce less food waste due to their lower speeds.

The best juicers of 2023
To help you find the right juicer for your dietary needs and lifestyle, we compiled highly rated options across price points that are all in line with our expert guidance.

Kuving Whole Slow Juicer Master Chef
This high-end commercial juicer (which means it can produce juice in large batches, and is ideal for big families) is a favorite of Erin Swain, a mixologist and restaurant beverage program curator. Swain’s a fan because she can use it without having to first cut up her produce. “Clean-up has always been quick and easy,” Swain says. It rotates at slower speeds (60 pm) compared to centrifugal juicers and has a wide 3.5-inch feed chute, which can juice vegetables and fruit, including lemons, limes and carrots, according to Swain.

Like other options on this list, there’s also a coarse strainer that allows you to get more pulp out of your juice, according to the brand. Additionally, the juicer comes with a strainer-cleaning tool and two additional cleaning brushes to help you keep it clean. Swain says she’s used this juicer for nearly five years, so you know it’s built to last.


*Source : NBC select

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