Beet Strawberry Juice

Beet Strawberry Juice

This beet and strawberry juice cleanses harmful substances and sodium out of your body. With this juice, start your day healthy.


2 cups strawberries240g, 1/4 beet70g, 3 tsp minced ginger root15g, 2 Tbsp strawberry syrup30g, 1 cup orange juice240ml

TIPWhen you wash strawberries, rinsing them in water is enough. If you keep them in water for more than 30 seconds, vitamin C in the strawberry dissolves in water. The strawberries need to be stored in a paper box because they are easily damaged in humidity.


  1. Put all the prepared ingredients in the blender container and blend them to complete it.


Betanin and anthocyanin in beet are antioxidants that detox intestines and promote the activation of good gut bacteria, which can prevent constipation and cleanse the body in general.




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