Lime Strawberry Slush

Lime Strawberry Slush

A refreshing lime strawberry slush will help you to start your morning refreshed and healthy. Particularly, it’s good to drink after exercise when you feel exhausted.


2 cup strawberries240g, 2 cup frozen strawberries240g, 1 lime80g, 2 tbsp maple syrup30g

TIPWash the strawberries in running water but don’t keep them in water for more than 30 seconds, or the vitamin C in the strawberry will dissolve in the water. The strawberry needs to be stored in a paper box because it is easily damaged in humidity.


  1. Put all the prepared ingredients in the blender container and blend them to complete it.


Vitamin C and sulfur in strawberry restrict the formation of melanin to prevent UV light from causing skin aging and promote general skin health.




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